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Model Name: Amelialiddell
Video Title: Lost a bet- CEI in the car
Video Duration: 09:05 min
File Size: 667.77 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Lost a bet- CEI in the car is a 9-minute video featuring Amelialiddell. The video begins with a brief flash of her outfit, which includes a push-up bra and a dress. The setting of the video is in a car, with the vibe initially being chill as the friend runs errands for the day.

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However, the mood changes when the friend brings up a bet that the viewer had lost at a party a few weeks prior. The bet involved the viewer having to ejaculate in a cup, swish it around their mouth, and swallow it. Despite the viewer’s hopes that the friend had forgotten about the bet, she is determined to make the viewer fulfill the terms of the bet. The friend, described as a bit of a mean girl, proceeds to give the viewer jerk-off instructions, as well as flaunting her cleavage, panties, and even a peek at her genitalia.

The video showcases the friend’s bossy yet friendly demeanor, as she enforces the terms of the bet while still maintaining the friendship. The jerk-off instructions and provocative display from the friend add to the escalating tension of the situation.

Lost a bet- CEI in the car is shot in 1920×1080 resolution, and the video duration is 9 minutes and 5 seconds. Amelialiddell delivers a captivating performance, drawing viewers into the unfolding narrative of the bet and its consequences.