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In the video titled ‘AUTOFELLATIO DREAMS – JERK AND EAT IT,’ Goddess Sydney takes on a dominant role, offering a unique experience to her audience. She positions herself on her back, emulating what one would do when attempting to perform autofellatio, a fantasy familiar to many individuals. With a touch of humor, Sydney acknowledges the countless attempts made by her viewers to achieve this dream.

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Regardless of whether or not you can perform autofellatio, Sydney challenges you to try your best. And in a position where your own pleasure intersects with submission to her, she demands one essential task – you must eat your entire load for her. The advantageous position allows for a seamless transition from jerking off to consuming your own climax as your erect member is already aligned perfectly with your mouth.

As the video progresses, Goddess Sydney guides you through the process, providing explicit instructions on how to build up the pressure and attain the desired intensity. She encourages you to stroke for her, fueling your balls with a significant load that will be exclusively enjoyed by her. Just as you approach the brink of release, she insists on positioning yourself to make an attempt at reaching your own mouth with your penis, conveying the new training she wishes to impart upon you.

While perfecting the art of autofellatio may take time and practice, Goddess Sydney depicts this as an ongoing journey. Until you achieve the desired level of self-satisfaction, she requests that you indulge in consuming load after load, reinforcing the submissive nature of this experience. So, go ahead, embrace the role of a devoted cock sucker and embark on this tantalizing adventure with Sydney, ultimately discovering new heights of pleasure and submission.