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Model Name: Babybrewer
Video Title: Bare-Bottom Spanking Part 2: Mommy Finishes the Job
Video Duration: 11:42 min
File Size: 1.61 GB
Video Resolution: 1912×1080

Bare-Bottom Spanking Part 2: Mommy Finishes the Job is a sequel to the previous video ‘Smoking Babysitter Gives You Bare-Bottom Spanking’. In this custom video, mommy comes home and wants to ensure the babysitter spanked you properly for being a bad boy.

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The video features Babybrewer as the model, with a duration of 11:42 min and a resolution of 1912×1080. Mommy is depicted as being eager to make sure the proper punishment was administered, teasing about the embarrassment of being spanked by a babysitter who is the same age as the viewer.

The scene involves mommy inspecting the viewer’s bottom and determining it is not sufficiently red from the previous spanking. This leads to a proper bare-bottom spanking over the knee, with mommy scolding the viewer for being a bad boy and repeatedly spanking until the viewer’s bottom is sore and ruby red.

After finishing the spanking, mommy warns the viewer of more punishment if they continue their bad behavior, emphasizing the words ‘spank’, ‘spanking’, ‘bad boy’, and ‘bottom’ throughout the video.