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Model Name: Babybrewer
Video Title: Trying my New Goat Milker: Second Experiment
Video Duration: 07:06 min
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The second experiment with the goat milker cups was a success, following the initial video titled ‘Trying my New Goat Milker – Pumping Lactating Tits.’ After much trial and error, I managed to hook up the new cups to both the goat milker machine and my human breast milk pump, documenting the experience in this video.

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Throughout the video, I discuss the sensation on my nipples and demonstrate the milk extraction from my sensitive pregnant breasts after each pumping session, all while sporting a revealing cow print micro bikini. The visual evidence showcases the noticeable enlargement of my pumped nipples, truly a sight to behold.

Under hashtags like #milf, #milkymilf, and #hucow, the video captures the experience of utilizing the milking equipment, as I engage in nipple play and squeezing, highlighting the unique sensation of lactation and pregnancy. The footage provides an intimate look at my journey through the first trimester of pregnancy, embracing the hot mom aesthetic with a smile and a visible baby bump.

Displaying a blend of sensuality and curiosity, this video captures the essence of my unique experience with the goat milker and breast milk pump, allowing viewers to witness the process of embracing and exploring my changing pregnant body.