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Model Name: Bellabates
Video Title: Share A Bed With Mommy HD
Video Duration: 21:44 min
File Size: 1.57 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Share A Bed With Mommy HD is a roleplay video featuring Bellabates, where practical and financial reasons have led to a situation where a mother and son share a bed in an apartment with one bedroom.

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The video showcases the intimate and close relationship between the two characters, as they satisfy each other’s cravings and desires by engaging in sexual activities together. The morning scene depicts the son waking up next to his mother, noticing cum dripping from her pussy, and engaging in sexual activity before getting out of bed.

The video also includes scenes of the mother wanting to make her son feel good when he comes back home later, featuring taboo, creampie, POV, virtual sex, blowjob, dripping cum, wet pussy, cumshot, cum on face, and squirt.

This 21:44 minute video is available in 1920×1080 resolution and offers a unique roleplay experience for viewers.