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Model Name: Brea Rose
Video Title: Homewrecking futa
Video Duration: 28:56 min
File Size: 2.76 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

Homewrecking futa Leaked is a captivating video that follows the events of the previously popular story, ‘Homewrecking gym buddy.’ However, prior knowledge of the previous video is not necessary to enjoy this new addition. A bizarre sensation haunts the protagonist—an uncomfortable itching feeling that persists even after a night’s rest, coupled with an overwhelming sense of arousal. Struggling to dress herself, she cancels a planned encounter with a man she was supposed to meet. Seeking relief, she pleasures herself, only to awaken the next day with an astonishing surprise—a massive futa cock.

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With this newfound, astonishing appendage, confusion and curiosity consume the protagonist. As fate would have it, she must visit the house of the man she’s been working out with, as his girlfriend insists on meeting her. Overwhelmed by the strangeness of her circumstance, the protagonist rushes to the bathroom, desperately concealing her throbbing futa cock. Overpowered by her overwhelming lust, she finds herself unable to resist pleasuring herself while fantasizing about the unsuspecting girlfriend. In her frenzy, she even soils one of the girlfriend’s bras with her copious release.

Overwhelmed by her own actions, the protagonist questions her own sanity. How did she end up with this colossal futa member? The unease and curiosity further escalate when she realizes that this encounter is only the beginning. The video, which features the stunning model Brea Rose, offers a mesmerizing duration of 28 minutes and 56 seconds, ensuring an immersive experience for the viewers. The astounding 3840×2160 resolution further enhances the visual appeal, bringing the story to life with a level of detail rarely seen.

In summary, Homewrecking futa Leaked seamlessly continues the captivating tale introduced in the previous video. Brea Rose delivers a compelling performance that explores the protagonist’s puzzling and arousing journey. With its exceptional resolution and substantial duration, this video promises an unforgettable experience that will leave viewers questioning their own desires and boundaries.