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Model Name: Bunibun
Video Duration: 35:12 min
File Size: 830.60 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

In this captivating video entitled ‘THE DARK QUEEN’, Bunibun takes on the role of a powerful and commanding ruler who derives her strength from the essence of men in her realm. Her insatiable appetite for cum to maintain her power is at the forefront of the plot. Facing a dwindling supply, the dark queen becomes irate and demands her servants step forward to be drained, explicitly commanding them to fulfill her needs.

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As the tension mounts, the queen’s frustration grows evident, even questioning whether there is anyone who can truly satisfy her. Surprisingly, she commands her servants to bring her a captive known as the draginkin, offering a unique opportunity for her desires to be fulfilled. Eager to explore something different, she engages in an intense session with the beast, finding herself enthralled by its size and shape.

With her clothing removed and the beast in her clutches, the dark queen indulges in its pleasure, reveling in a different kind of satisfaction brought by its intense release. She samples the fascination of the beast’s cum and finds herself craving for more, using it to adorn her body with an insatiable hunger. Unsatisfied, she eagerly urges the beast to continue satisfying her, exploring new ways to satiate her cravings.

In a surprising turn, the queen takes charge, riding and submitting to the powerful dragon until she receives a massive creampie. Covered in the dragon’s cum, she proclaims her utter fulfillment, never seeming to tire of consuming and bathing in it. ‘THE DARK QUEEN Leaked’ presents an intense and alluring portrayal of a ruler driven by her insatiable need for cum, leaving viewers captivated by the dark queen’s unquenchable desires.