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Model Name: Cattie
Video Title: Pegged by Sexy Nurse During Prostate Exam JOI
Video Duration: 16:54 min
File Size: 2.40 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Pegged by Sexy Nurse During Prostate Exam JOI is a 16:54 minute video featuring Nurse Cattie. The video starts with you visiting the doctor’s office, unaware of the purpose of your visit. Nurse Cattie breaks the news to you that it’s for a prostate exam, assuring you that she will make it as comfortable and quick as possible.

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After briefly undressing, Nurse Cattie returns and prepares for the exam. She puts on her latex gloves and generously lubricates them, ready for entry. She instructs you to bend over as she proceeds with the exam. However, she realizes that you are tense and unable to relax. To ensure a successful examination, she decides to help you loosen up.

Nurse Cattie suggests a position change and asks you to continue the breathing exercises while she grabs something to assist you further. As she returns, she discreetly reveals a large strap-on cock. Although it may look intimidating, she assures you that it will do the trick. Relaxing is key, and she encourages you to go along with it.

As Nurse Cattie penetrates you, she notices that you are actually enjoying the experience. Engaging in roleplay, she not only focuses on the examination but also incorporates pleasure into the encounter. She encourages you to play with your balls and stroke yourself, reaching climax and providing her with a keepsake in a specimen cup. Ultimately satisfied with the experience, Nurse Cattie reveals a little secret, leaving you intrigued.