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Model Name: Codi Vore
Video Title: Cum So We Can Eat You ft Sophie Ladder
Video Duration: 12:27 min
File Size: 912.23 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

In this leaked video, Sophie and Codi bring a lucky participant home after meeting at an art gala, proposing a unique offer to become a meal in exchange for the ultimate orgasm.

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The two discuss various ways they would devour their guest, including anal, unbirthing, and even cock vore, envisioning how their bodies would absorb and assimilate him.

Unable to decide who will consume the guest, Sophie and Codi flip a coin, with Codi emerging as the winner. She eagerly counts down to his climax before proceeding to devour him in a traditional manner.

After digestion, the fortunate guest finds himself integrated into Codi’s body, adding to her curves in an unexpected yet fitting conclusion.