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Model Name: Codi Vore
Video Title: I Made Codi Wet Her Yoga Pants
Video Duration: 04:41 min
File Size: 345.77 MB
Video Resolution: 1080×1920

I Made Codi Wet Her Yoga Pants is a controversial video featuring model Codi Vore. In the video, Codi is shown finishing her workout and desperately needing to use the bathroom, but the viewer is intentionally blocking her access and refusing to let her go. This causes Codi to become increasingly agitated and ultimately results in her wetting her yoga pants in front of the viewer.

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As Codi begins to wet her pants, it becomes clear that this is the desired outcome for the viewer. After soaking her yoga pants, Codi removes them to reveal her pink lace panties, which are also soiled from her urine as well as her own arousal. She then relinquishes the dirty underwear to the viewer, instructing them to clean it for her.

In a state of frustration, Codi is further humiliated as the viewer demands that she turn around and bend over to display her wet, soiled clothing. The video is presented in portrait mode and is best viewed on a mobile device.

The video duration is 04:41 minutes with a resolution of 1080×1920, and it has sparked significant controversy and backlash due to its explicit and degrading content.