My Kissable Trans Fucktoy Gets It Rough | Ellie Idol Leaked Full

This is the page for the MY KISSABLE TRANS FUCKTOY GETS IT ROUGH leaked video created by Ellie Idol.

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Model Name: Ellie Idol
Video Duration: 07:20 min
File Size: 805.17 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

In this 07:20 min video, model Ellie Idol is featured in a custom video where she interacts with a transitioning individual in a rough and dominating manner. The video is shot in 1920×1080 resolution, and depicts Ellie expressing her attraction towards the transitioning individual, as she finds it appealing that they are becoming more feminine.

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The video description highlights how Ellie engages in rough play with the transitioning individual, pressuring them to kiss her and threatening to squeeze their neck if they do not comply. The scene escalates as Ellie becomes more intense in her demands, leading to a climax where the individual eventually takes a snooze from her throttling.

The content of the video caters to a wide assortment of different kinks, as it was created as a custom video without the use of real names. Despite the intense and dominating nature of the video, it is curated to appeal to those with specific interests in rough play and power dynamics.

Overall, the video captures a unique and personalized interaction between Ellie Idol and the transitioning individual, incorporating elements of rough play, dominance, and sexual tension.