Poison Ivy’S Scent Enslaves You | Ellie Idol Leaked Full

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Model Name: Ellie Idol
Video Duration: 08:17 min
File Size: 904.22 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

In this leaked video, the infamous Poison Ivy is on the hunt for a new henchman to serve her every whim, including her more intimate desires. But she demands complete loyalty – once you enter her lair, there’s no turning back.

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To ensure your unwavering devotion, Poison Ivy relies on her potent pheromones to overtake your senses and erase any lingering doubts. Resistance is futile as you succumb to the alluring scent emanating from every inch of her body.

As you fall deeper under her spell, the allure of lust will further cement your fate as her eternal servant. Fear may initially consume you, but soon it will be replaced by an irresistible urge to submit to the one and only Poison Ivy.

With a resolution of 1920×1080, Ellie Idol embodies the enigmatic and captivating Poison Ivy, leading her audience on a mesmerizing journey of temptation and control, leaving no room for escape.