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Model Name: Ellie Skyes
Video Title: Your Daughter’s Beautiful Neck
Video Duration: 18:20 min
File Size: 1.94 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Your Daughter’s Beautiful Neck is an 18-minute video featuring model Ellie Skyes. The video gos into a taboo fantasy where a daddy and daughter engage in a kinky roleplay. The description emphasizes the daughter’s awareness of her daddy’s fixated stares, particularly on her neck, which she cleverly uses to her advantage.

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To pique her daddy’s interest, the daughter asks him for money to purchase a sweet-smelling perfume that she knows will entice him. She then invites her daddy to sniff and taste her neck, revealing a dirty secret she has been harboring – she purposely leaves her door ajar while indulging in self-pleasure, hoping her daddy watches.

As the video progresses, the daughter gradually undresses, showcasing her body while maintaining a focus on her neck. The descriptions highlight the daughter’s explicit desire for her daddy to explore her neck further, which culminates in explicit scenes involving neck play.

Your Daughter’s Beautiful Neck presents a controversial fantasy within a roleplay setting, catering to those who have a fascination with necks and enjoy taboo-themed content. Model Ellie Skyes delivers a performance that satisfies the viewers’ desires while adhering to the boundaries of consent and fantasy. This video aims to captivate and engage viewers in a consensual exploration of their deepest desires.