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Model Name: Elouise Please
Video Title: Two Giantess In Wonderland
Video Duration: 06:58 min
File Size: 1002.28 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

In the video ‘Two Giantess In Wonderland’, two women find glasses that make them grow with every sip. They become larger and larger, towering over everything in their path.

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Viewers are invited to partake in the action by swallowing, causing them to shrink smaller and smaller until the giantesses loom over them. The women tease and taunt the tiny individual, flaunting their giant feet, butts, and breasts.

After much teasing, the giantesses admit to feeling quite hungry and pick up the shrunken individual to share as a snack. The viewer becomes part of these giant women’s stomachs, signifying the end of their journey through Wonderland.

This 6-minute, 1920×1080 resolution video starring Elouise Please offers a unique and immersive experience of being at the mercy of two gigantic women in a whimsical setting.