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Model Name: Emmas Secret Life
Video Title: Dog Sperm Collection
Video Duration: 11:11 min
File Size: 338.18 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

In this revealing video, veterinarian Emma’s Secret Life shares a unique and educational experience involving the collection of dog sperm. The clip features Rex, a stud dog preparing to mate, who visits Emma for a final checkup and a clean out ejaculation.

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Emma expertly stimulates Rex’s excitement, ensuring the collection process is successful. She skillfully maneuvers a collection cone over his engorged cock and skillfully manipulates his knot, causing Rex to steadily release his precious sperm. Throughout the video, Emma tantalizingly describes Rex’s impressive anatomy, emphasizing his thick knot and heavy balls.

As the collection continues, Emma’s explicit commentary highlights the excitement of Rex breeding with a receptive bitch. She describes the enjoyable sensation of Rex’s balls slapping against the lucky bitch while stretching her to his full potential. Emma maintains a playful and provocative tone, even expressing a personal desire to be Rex’s bitch.

Once Rex’s balls are fully emptied, Emma delightfully confirms she has collected all three fractions of his load. She emphasizes the size of his ejaculation and playfully takes a moment to taste the sample, complimenting Rex’s performance and confirming his readiness for breeding. This extraordinary video offers a unique perspective on dog sperm collection, showcasing Emma’s expertise and passion for her profession.