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In a distant future, society has shifted to a matriarchal structure where very few males are born due to a Y chromosome defect. With a scarcity of men and boys, most women have found fulfillment and companionship with other women, leading to a predominantly bisexual population. However, amidst this societal dynamic, one swim coach stands out. Driven by her dedication and sense of duty, she aims to help the men and boys who seem shy and embarrassed.

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To address this issue, the board approves a highly controversial rule stipulating that boys must swim naked without covering up. The swim coach believes that there is no need for hiding or shame. In her presence, every boy’s penis should be visible whether they are sitting or standing. Detention will be given to those who attempt to cover their genitals to ensure fairness among their naked peers.

As the class begins, the swim coach introduces a comprehensive curriculum that explores sex education and the significance of masturbation. Encouraging self-exploration, she permits the boys to touch themselves while she provides guidance. Undressing slowly, she illustrates the workings of the female body, captivating their attention. She celebrates their curiosity, even relishing their unknowing fixation on her feet and reciprocating with a display.

The swim coach employs explicit demonstrations to teach the boys about their own bodies, including masturbation techniques and the natural occurrence of precum as lubricant. Demonstrating her sex-positivity, she takes the educational experience one step further by engaging in mutual masturbation with her pupils, delighting in their physical responses. Witnessing their first ejaculation, she epitomizes joy and eagerly anticipates the next classroom session where all the boys will gather to continue their journey of discovery.