Casual Stickshifting In My Beater Corolla | Hazel Simone Leaked Full

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Model Name: Hazel Simone
Video Title: Casual Stickshifting in My Beater Corolla
Video Duration: 21:53 min
File Size: 1.90 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Casual Stickshifting in My Beater Corolla is a captivating video featuring the talented model Hazel Simone. In this custom driving fetish video, Hazel takes us on an adventurous ride through the streets. It all starts with her skillfully backing the car out of the driveway, before smoothly pulling onto a main road to begin her casual drive. Throughout the video, viewers will be treated to the sight of Hazel’s expert up and downshifting, displaying her mastery of stickshift driving.

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The video showcases Hazel’s impressive control over her beater 2000 Toyota Corolla, as she effortlessly maneuvers through backroads, reaching fifth gear while taking in the scenic surroundings. The camera switches between a close-up view of Hazel’s feet in elegant black ballet flats, working the clutch, gas, and brakes, and a wider shot focusing on her gripping the steering wheel, her legs, and the gearshift of her trusty Corolla.

As she navigates sidestreets, Hazel demonstrates her agility with three-point turns, adding a touch of flair as she effortlessly palms the steering wheel and effortlessly lets it spin while glancing over her shoulder. Not one to miss an opportunity for a playful moment, Hazel wiggles her gearshift around while in neutral before smoothly transitioning into first gear. This adds an extra level of excitement to the video, showcasing Hazel’s unique driving style.

With a video duration of 21 minutes and 53 seconds, Casual Stickshifting in My Beater Corolla offers an immersive experience for enthusiasts of manual transmission driving. Whether you’re a fan of downshifting, clutch control, gearshift manipulation, or simply appreciating the beauty of an old car, this video has it all. Join Hazel Simone on her exhilarating journey, as she skillfully drives her beloved Toyota Corolla through scenic backroads, unleashing the true potential of a beater car with style and finesse.