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Model Name: Iviroses
Video Title: Bet loser made to clean in sling bikini
Video Duration: 01:10:23 hours
File Size: 1.66 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Iviroses finds herself waking up on a couch after a wild party, only to discover a messy house and a humiliating bet she has lost. She is instructed to wear a revealing sling bikini for the entire day, and she can’t help but feel embarrassed by the outfit’s slutty appearance, especially the string that runs between her buttocks.

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After reluctantly putting on the tiny outfit, Iviroses begins her day with stretching exercises, feeling self-conscious about the small, revealing garment. She voices her embarrassment, expressing her concern about being seen in such a revealing ensemble while she bends over and engages in other normal chores.

To her surprise, she discovers another box left by her friends which contains yet another sling bikini. As she continues with her daily tasks, she receives another note instructing her to wear the second bikini along with a butt plug. Despite feeling humiliated, she complies with the demands of the bet and continues cleaning.

Throughout the grueling experience, Iviroses is unaware that the entire ordeal is being captured on video, leaving her vulnerable to the embarrassment of being exposed in such a compromising position. The lengthy footage captures her struggle with the uncomfortable outfit and the added humiliation of wearing a butt plug, serving as a voyeuristic experience for viewers with a fascination for thong fetishes and embarrassing scenarios.