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Model Name: Iviroses
Video Title: Human Carwash day in shower
Video Duration: 22:27 min
File Size: 3.16 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Human Car wash day in the Shower is a 22:27 min video resolution of 1920×1080. The featured model, Iviroses, takes you through the experience of being a car in a nice way, from dusting off with a microfiber car cloth to the final drying wrap of big towels around the body and hair.

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The video script guides viewers through the six cycles of the human car wash in the shower. Cycle 1 involves dusting off the body with a microfiber car cloth, while Cycle 2 brings a refreshing rinse with warm water and a carwash sponge to scrub the entire body and face.

Cycle 3 introduces the soaping part, where a full sham bottle is used to pour sham over the body and face, followed by the use of a ‘meguiars wash mitt’ to rub the soap in. Cycle 4 brings a rinse using the carwash sponge before moving onto Cycle 5, where a ‘Chamois cloth XL’ is used to dry the body and face.

The final Cycle 6 sees the model wrapping a big towel around the body and another around the hair, completing the human car wash experience in the shower.