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Model Name: Jane Cane
Video Title: My Stepmom’s A Bad Influence – Jane Cane
Video Duration: 10:53 min
File Size: 528.96 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

In the 10:53 video, Jane Cane comes home to find her stepson reeling from a breakup. Determined to help him get even, she takes matters into her own hands, quite literally.

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Encouraging him to take suggestive photos of her in a bra, things quickly escalate as Jane becomes increasingly turned on by the situation. The revenge plot takes a steamy turn as she guides him to film a salacious encounter, intending to ‘accidentally’ send it to his ex-girlfriend.

As they carry out their plan, the tension heats up, and Jane ultimately decides to take their retaliation a step further. She seduces her stepson and they engage in a passionate encounter, captured on film for the ultimate act of revenge.

Featuring taboo roleplay, this video showcases Jane Cane in a mature, amateur portrayal with a focus on fantasy and kink, culminating in a messy creampie scene.