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Model Name: Kaedia Lang
Video Title: Date The Daughter, Fuck The Mother
Video Duration: 26:21 min
File Size: 2.25 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Date The Daughter, Fuck The Mother is an explicit and provocative video featuring Kaedia Lang. This custom video explores a taboo scenario between a mother, her daughter, and her daughter’s partner. Kaedia Lang adheres to her mother’s strict premarital sex rules, but the desire for sexual exploration becomes too strong to resist.

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In this 26:21-minute video, Kaedia Lang engages in phone sex with her partner after a date. Stripping down to her bra and panties, she moves to the bed to pleasure herself using a vibrator. As she reaches climax, she surprises her partner with an unexpected proposition – her mother wants to meet him.

When the meeting takes place, her mother offers an intriguing deal. If her partner proposes to Kaedia, he will be rewarded with weekly sexual encounters with her mother during their engagement period. This proposition leads to explicit scenes where her mother gives oral pleasure and engages in anal sex while on the phone, unbeknownst to Kaedia.

As the story progresses, Kaedia’s attempt to seduce her partner encounters a surprising outcome. Unable to perform, it is revealed that her partner had an intense gym session with her mother earlier. Ignoring the issue, Kaedia continues with self-pleasure only to inform her partner that her mother wishes to see him once again. This video, with its 1920×1080 resolution, delivers a seductive and forbidden narrative that pushes boundaries and explores the depths of desire.