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Model Name: Katherine Pine
Video Title: DND Night CEI
Video Duration: 09:46 min
File Size: 1.55 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

DND Night CEI features Katherine, looking sexy with dark lipstick and a revealing outfit, taking on a dominant role in a private room. She instructs the viewer to stroke their cock and spit on it, all while the other players are in the next room, creating a thrilling and secretive atmosphere.

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The video was originally created as a custom request and showcases dominant CEI (cum eating instruction) and JOI (jerk off instruction) with a DND roleplay aspect. Katherine demands complete submission from the viewer and guides them through a series of explicit actions, making them her ‘dirty entertaining slut’ for the night.

With a duration of 09:46 min and a resolution of 1920×1080, the video highlights Katherine’s curvy figure, body piercings, and gothic aesthetic. The content includes elements of fetish, femdom, and encouragement for cum swallowing and masturbation.

The video description also invites viewers to request custom videos tailored to their specific fantasies, emphasizing Katherine’s willingness to bring their desires to life. Tags for this video include references to DND, gaming, domination, and various explicit elements, reflecting the content’s focus on a unique and immersive experience.