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Model Name: Katherine Pine
Video Title: Prude To Bimbo Mind Control
Video Duration: 17:22 min
File Size: 3.06 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

Prude To Bimbo Mind Control is a roleplay video featuring brunette model Katherine Pine. The storyline follows a co-worker who discovers mind control powers and uses them to transform the modest Katherine into a wild bimbo.

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The video, originally created as a custom request, depicts a transformation from prude to bimbo through magical mind control. The POV perspective includes explicit scenes of stripping, bushy body hair, and bimbofication, with a focus on curvy figure and body piercings.

Throughout the 17-minute duration, the narrative explores the control and transformation of Katherine’s mind, leading to a final outcome where she becomes the submissive bimbo desired by the protagonist. The video resolution is set at 3840×2160 for high-quality viewing.

Featuring elements of dirty talk, slutty roleplay, and POV cowgirl riding, Prude To Bimbo Mind Control offers a visually explicit and detailed portrayal of the bimbofication fantasy, inviting viewers to explore a taboo narrative in a controlled setting.