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Model Name: Katilingus
Video Title: Pre-jacker Programming Games
Video Duration: 12:49 min
File Size: 604.70 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Pre-jacker Programming Games is an explicit video featuring model Katilingus. In this 12-minute and 49-second video, viewers are taken on a provocative journey of orgasm control and humiliation.

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The video’s concept centers around a unique twist on sexual pleasure. Each time the viewer reaches orgasm, their viewing privileges are restricted the following day, leading to a shrinking window of opportunity for sexual gratification. As the viewer’s sexual stamina diminishes, the intensity of their orgasms also decreases.

Katilingus skillfully guides the viewer through this stimulating experience, utilizing intense verbal humiliation to enhance the erotic atmosphere. With each passing day, the viewer’s ability to maintain control becomes more challenging, culminating in a total reprogramming of their masturbatory life.

Alongside themes of femdom, female domination, and small penis humiliation, the video incorporates elements of body worship, orgasm ruining, and JOI game. Viewers should expect an intense psychological mind fuck as they surrender control to the captivating Katilingus. Pre-jacker Programming Games offers an immersive exploration of sexual desire and control, leaving viewers with only a few remaining ‘real’ orgasms before their masturbatory life is rendered useless.