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Model Name: Kelly Payne
Video Title: Self Sucking Milky Devil
Video Duration: 05:59 min
File Size: 354.82 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Self Sucking Milky Devil is an intriguing video featuring the stunning model Kelly Payne. In this Halloween-themed clip, Kelly mesmerizes viewers as she dons a sexy devil lingerie costume, setting the stage for an enticing performance.

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Throughout the 5-minute and 59-second duration of the video, Kelly showcases her massive, engorged tits in full body and close-up views. She skillfully expresses and squirts milk from her nipples, mesmerizing the audience with her lactation prowess.

One of the highlights of this video is Kelly’s remarkable ability to self-suck the milk from her own breasts. With both nipples perfectly fitting inside her mouth, she tantalizingly drinks from her overflowing milk, causing a mesmerizing cascade of the creamy liquid to spill from her lips, ultimately covering her seductive red lingerie in a sensual display.

This beautifully erotic lactation clip, featuring your favorite lactating MILF, is sure to leave viewers aroused and captivated. With its Halloween twist and Kelly’s stunning performance, Self Sucking Milky Devil is a unique and enticing addition to any collection.