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Model Name: Lacey Royce
Video Title: Alien Breeder
Video Duration: 16:26 min
File Size: 1.23 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

Alien Breeder is a 16:26 minute video with a resolution of 3840×2160. The plot revolves around a group of powerful telekinetic alien beings who have arrived on earth in search of breeders for their alien spawn. They attempt to take the form of humans in order to breed with the native species, encountering difficulties with genital allocation and replication of fingers.

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The video features the alien Fuuka finding an incubator, Lacey, and using her tentacles to take control of her mind. Lacey complies as the alien impregnates her doggy style and then rides her, causing her belly to swell with strange alien spawn. The alien rubs oil on her belly and communicates with the spawn through her belly button using tentacles and tongue.

The alien states that the spawn needs alien nectar to finish its incubation and emerge. It spills the nectar from its body and fills the swollen belly incubator’s belly button with it, using the human host as nothing more than a breeding vessel and numbered experiment for the aliens.

This campy alien adventure includes elements such as breeding fetish, impregnation, transformation, tentacles, belly button play, oil, strap-on fucking, mind control, submissive behavior, and more. The video also features the model Lacey Royce engaging in a range of activities related to the alien breeding scenario.