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Model Name: Latinsandra
Video Title: The Nightclub Cuck
Video Duration: 11:31 min
File Size: 1.26 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

The Nightclub Cuck video features Latinsandra as she takes her cuckold on a wild night out on his dime. She demands a suite, a sexy outfit, and access to his credit card for the evening.

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Throughout the night, she parades around the nightclub, flirting with different men while her cuckold follows at a distance, watching as she spends his money and seeks out potential boy toys for the night.

Once she finds Mr. Right, the cuckold is instructed to follow them back to the suite that he paid for, but he is barred from entering the action behind closed doors. As the cuckold waits outside, he can hear as Latinsandra gets intimate with her chosen partner.

The video lasts 11:31 minutes and is presented in 1920×1080 resolution, giving viewers an up-close look at the dynamic between Latinsandra and her cuckold as she enjoys a night on his tab.