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Model Name: Lewdestbunnie
Video Title: flirty friend likes your foot fetish
Video Duration: 20:53 min
File Size: 1.50 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

In this leaked video titled ‘Flirty Friend Likes Your Foot Fetish’, your friend is on a mission to get over her ex and you decide to take her out dancing. After a fun night, you both end up at her place where she kicks off her high heels and starts rubbing her tired feet. She mentions her ex and how he had a foot fetish which got her into feet as well.

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As the conversation continues, she surprises you by asking if you’ve ever had a footjob. Feeling embarrassed, you admit you haven’t but she confesses that she would love to give you one. Knowing the pleasure it brought her ex, she wants to indulge your foot fetish too. You eagerly agree and take out your throbbing cock.

Her skilled toes make contact with the head of your cock and you instantly start dripping pre-cum. The excitement in the room escalates as she massages your cock with her pretty feet, using her soles to stroke your shaft. It doesn’t take long before you’re covering her cute little feet with the sticky cum she craves.

But that’s still not enough for either of you. She jerks you off again using the arches of her feet, and you let go of any judgment, spilling your cum all over. She’s not satisfied yet and turns around to stroke you with her cum-coated feet, urging you to give her the biggest load possible. As she counts down from ten, you eagerly deliver, drenching her feet in your fetish-indulgent cum. She teases your cock a little more and confesses that you helped her get over her ex because she now has a new boy in her life she’s interested in!