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Model Name: Lewdestbunnie
Video Title: like mother like daughter part 2 w/ little puck
Video Duration: 22:42 min
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In the highly anticipated second installment of the captivating ‘Like Mother Like Daughter’ series, we continue to explore the provocative relationships within this dysfunctional family. The incredible Little Puck takes on the role of Mommy, delivering an unforgettable performance alongside her on-screen daughter.

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Following the shocking discovery of their respective taboo encounters with the boys, Mommy and daughter devise a devious plan to confront them. They propose spicing up their sexual exploits by introducing blindfolds, unaware of the unexpected turns this night will take.

As the night unfolds, Daddy eagerly awaits a kinky rendezvous with his daughter but is taken aback when his blindfold is removed, revealing his wife. She wastes no time in expressing her contempt for his twisted actions, while also confessing her own sinful involvement with their son. The pleasure derived from an intense experience brings to light the undeniable passion that exists between them.

In another part of the house, the son is left dumbfounded when his little sister exposes herself as his masked partner. Unveiling her secret desires, she entices him further by reminding him that he selfishly pursued their mother first. Succumbing to the forbidden temptation, he indulges in a mind-blowing encounter with his sister, reevaluating their relationship entirely. The consequences of this night’s chaos ripple into the next day, as the boundaries of familial love are shattered and new, illicit dynamics emerge within this twisted family web.