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BREEDiNG LESSON: TEACHERS KNOWS BEST Pt 2 continues the educational journey started in part one of this series. In this second installment, the teacher, portrayed by the stunning Little Puck, takes the students, played by Lewdestbunnie and her boyfriend, on a deeper exploration of the breeding concept.

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The video begins with Bunnie eagerly demonstrating her oral skills, desperate to prove her love for her boyfriend. However, the teacher has other plans for the couple. She introduces them to terms like ‘womb,’ ‘cervix,’ ‘seed,’ and ‘breed,’ preparing them for the next phase of the lesson.

To further illustrate the breeding concept, the teacher invites the boyfriend to participate in the process. With his virility confirmed, she guides him through a passionate encounter, ensuring every drop of his essence is extracted. A double blowjob with Bunnie adds an extra level of intensity to this explicit educational experience.

As the video concludes, the teacher contemplates whether this will mark the end of their afterschool tutoring or the beginning of a new chapter. Featuring elements such as impregnation breeding kink, big tits, and cuckqueaning your gf, BREEDiNG LESSON: TEACHERS KNOWS BEST Pt 2 is an enticing continuation of a taboo educational journey.