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GASLiGHT YOUR GF: CHEATING GAMES, THE SEQUEL is the eighth installment in the highly popular series known as ‘Gaslight Your Girlfriend.’ This video serves as a direct sequel to the #1 fan favorite, GASLiGHT YOUR GF VOL 1. It features Felicia Fisher and Little Puck, who have returned to present an intense and thrilling continuation of their gaslighting games.

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In this latest installment, the dynamics have drastically changed as Felicia, now the ex-girlfriend of Little Puck, comes back into the picture after a long break. The tables have turned since Little Puck began dating YOU, and Felicia is ready to play games. However, what both of them don’t realize is that they are supposed to be dating. The stage is set for an intense battle of wits and manipulation.

As the games commence, Felicia’s relentless and cunning nature shines through. She unleashes her inner crazy bitch and becomes the meanest she has ever been. Little Puck quickly realizes that it’s time for her to experience the gaslighting herself, as she finds herself caught up in Felicia’s devious schemes. With revenge and manipulation at the forefront, the tension between them reaches new heights.

GASLiGHT YOUR GF: CHEATING GAMES, THE SEQUEL delivers an intense and immersive experience for fans of the series. With elements of roleplay, dirty talk, and explicit scenes, this video will surely captivate viewers. Featuring the talented models Little Puck and Felicia Fisher, the emotional rollercoaster they embark on will leave you spellbound. Don’t miss out on this thrilling sequel that takes gaslighting to a whole new level.