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Model Name: Maggierosexo
Video Title: Adultbby Receives Prostate Exam & Milking Checkup
Video Duration: 06:34 min
File Size: 949.49 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

In this exclusive leaked video, join Adultbby as they return for a checkup and prostate massage. Nurse Maggie, played by model Maggierosexo, delicately unwraps the adultbby’s diaper, providing a gentle touch to their penis. As the nurse prepares for the prostate massage, she offers comforting words and presents pink balloons to put the adultbby at ease.

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Nurse Maggie, wearing latex gloves, expertly performs the prostate exam, cautioning the adultbby that there may be discomfort. Throughout the examination, she maintains a handjob, ensuring the adultbby’s focus remains on the pleasurable sensations her latex gloves create as she describes the sensations felt inside their back hole.

The adultbby experiences a range of intense feelings as Nurse Maggie continues with the prostate massage, ultimately leading to the moment of climax. As the adultbby reaches orgasm, Nurse Maggie skillfully manages the situation, cleaning them up and applying a fresh diaper with care and professionalism.

Leaving the adultbby with anticipation, Nurse Maggie expresses her eagerness for their next examination. This leaked video provides an intimate view into the experience of an adultbby receiving a prostate exam and milking checkup, showcasing the expertise and empathetic approach of Nurse Maggie.