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Model Name: Maggierosexo
Video Title: Learning Sex With Your Sister
Video Duration: 10:17 min
File Size: 1.45 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

In this controversial video titled ‘Learning Sex With Your Sister’, the main theme revolves around two curious and naive siblings exploring their sexual curiosity. The video begins with the older sister, who is extremely curious, entering her brother’s room before bed. Both siblings are virgins and have limited knowledge about sexual matters.

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The older sister, dressed in a small t-shirt and panties, notices her brother’s throbbing erection and becomes fixated on examining his penis. At first, her brother hesitates, but due to the sister’s assertive nature and a threat of revealing intimate details to her friends, he reluctantly agrees to undress.

With her brother’s hands and feet secured to the bed, the older sister proceeds to undress herself, demonstrating a vagina to her brother who has never seen one before. She playfully describes his erect penis, commenting on its size and the amusing pinkness of its tip. Despite her brother’s pleas, she refuses to touch the tip, finding it gross and preferring to rub his nipples instead.

As the sister continues to pump the base of her brother’s penis, he experiences an orgasm, ejaculating while she watches and comments on the ‘weird’ and ‘gross’ nature of the event. Throughout the 40-second climax, she maintains a mix of giggles and questions, exploring the sensations and reactions of her brother. This video, lasting 10 minutes and 17 seconds, pushes boundaries and gos into taboo subjects with its bold and controversial approach.