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Model Name: Maggierosexo
Video Title: Nurse Mommy Fixes Your Piggy Balls
Video Duration: 20:47 min
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Nurse Rose, also known as Nurse Mommy, walks into the room where our patient, suffering from a self-induced addiction, eagerly awaits a solution to his inflated manhood. With no mask or gloves yet, she checks his chart, preparing to embark on a journey of restoration.

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Allowing the patient one final moment to indulge in his addictive habits, Nurse Rose watches as he finishes a self-administered act, swallowing his own ‘naughty Piggy cummies’. It is time, however, for her to intervene and rectify his situation by fixing his swollen Piggy balls.

With the assistance of Nurse Blossom, Nurse Rose dons her surgical mask and gloves, ready to perform various ‘procedures’ aimed at restoring the patient’s desired state. These include tying off the cock and balls with zip ties to prevent ejaculation, conducting a pressure test using sharp tools, inserting a tool into the urethra, performing acupuncture, and simulating a prostate massage.

Despite these efforts, the patient continues to suffer from an uncontrollable release of white cummies, necessitating ‘Prostate Surgery.’ Finally, Nurse Rose administers a potent medicine, using giant needles, to neutralize the effects of the Piggy medicine. Once the patient is cured, Nurse Rose allows him to self-suck, verifying that his ejaculations have returned to their previously diminutive size. Now ready to face the handsome daddies awaiting him, the patient is wheeled out, eager to resume his role as a submissive piggy bitchboy.