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Model Name: Margout Darko
Video Title: Foot smelling after training: foot fetish party
Video Duration: 15:48 min
File Size: 936.14 MB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

Xio Xander and Margout Darko have been hiking through the mountains for hours as part of their training. Their feet are sore and incredibly sweaty.

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After removing her trainers, Margout is surprised to find that her feet smell very strong and stinky. Xio, curious about the smell, also discovers the powerful and appealing scent of Margout’s feet. They both explore each other’s feet, licking and sucking each other’s toes, becoming increasingly aroused by the sweaty aroma.

As they continue to indulge in their foot fetish, they can’t resist rubbing their beautiful and sweaty soles onto each other’s faces. Margout is also surprised by the intense stink of Xio’s feet and trainers, leading to more exploration and arousal.

The video captures their uninhibited exploration of each other’s sweaty feet, as they revel in the sensory experience of their foot fetish party.