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Model Name: Morina
Video Title: Shrunken Consequences
Video Duration: 27:34 min
File Size: 4.08 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Shrunken Consequences is a 27:34 minute video featuring the model Morina. The storyline follows the consequences of a shrinking virus, where the viewer and their BFF end up tiny after not getting the vaccine.

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The video showcases a multi-scene storyline, with camera angles from both the viewer’s POV and their best friend’s POV. It includes elements of a shrinking fetish, taboo roleplay, and virtual sex, with the viewer experiencing the consequences of being tiny, such as riding in the model’s cleavage and staying in her panty drawer.

In addition to the shrinking theme, the video also explores the dynamics of a stepmom and her relationship with the viewer and their best friend. This includes the viewer’s best friend hooking up with the stepmom, adding to the taboo and cougar elements of the storyline.

Throughout the video, the model Morina engages in dirty talk, and the scenes feature nudity, lingerie, and bra and panties visuals, catering to the shrinking and giantess fetishes.