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Model Name: Mya Ryker
Video Title: Cleaning Husband After He Fucked My Friend
Video Duration: 11:37 min
File Size: 1.85 GB
Video Resolution: 1836×3264

Cleaning Husband After He Fucked My Friend is an 11:37-minute video featuring model Mya Ryker. In the video, her husband is shown getting along very well with one of her friends, and after sneaking off to a spare room to creampie her, he needed a shower.

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The video is shot in a resolution of 1836×3264, and it showcases the intimate moments between the couple and their friend. Mya Ryker confesses that the thought of them together turned her on, and she even helped clean her husband’s genitalia with her mouth after the encounter.

The video is a voyeuristic glimpse into the dynamics of a complex relationship, and it explores the boundaries of love, trust, and intimacy. Mya Ryker’s candid narration adds an additional layer of authenticity to the video, making it a compelling watch for those interested in alternative relationship dynamics.

Viewers can expect to witness intense and explicit scenes in Cleaning Husband After He Fucked My Friend, as it portrays the raw and unfiltered moments of passion, jealousy, and desire.