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Model Name: Paige Steele
Video Title: Just Girly Things
Video Duration: 18:46 min
File Size: 2.64 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Just Girly Things is an 18:46 minute video featuring Paige Steele and her friend Jada. The video showcases their unconventional way of spending time together, as they explore their sexual desires.

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The video resolution is 1920×1080, capturing every moment in high definition. Viewers can witness the intimate details of their encounter, as Paige and Jada engage in various activities.

From warming up with rimming to scissoring and using dildos, the video offers a unique and explicit depiction of their sexual exploration. The level of intimacy and arousal between the two women is evident as they pleasure each other.

Just Girly Things provides an unfiltered look into the sexual experiences of Paige Steele and Jada, offering a raw and authentic representation of their time together.