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Model Name: Sammie Cee
Video Title: Ghost Exorcism From My Belly
Video Duration: 05:09 min
File Size: 1.38 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

In the video titled ‘Ghost Exorcism From My Belly’, model Sammie Cee experiences a chilling encounter with a malevolent spirit in her own home. As she goes about her routine, she senses a ghostly presence and attempts to flee, only to be followed into the bathroom where the entity violently thrusts back inside her belly.

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The haunting continues as Sammie is thrown around the bathroom, hallway, and bedroom by her own belly, leaving her feeling helpless and exhausted. In a desperate attempt to rid herself of the ghost, she draws a cross on her abdomen with lipstick, temporarily bringing peace to her tormented body.

However, the respite is short-lived as Sammie is once again overpowered by the powerful force within her. As her belly moves uncontrollably, she is thrown onto the bed before collapsing in utter exhaustion.

This unsettling and captivating video showcases Sammie Cee’s harrowing experience with a relentless ghost and serves as a chilling reminder of the unseen forces that may lurk within our world.