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Model Name: Sashacurves
Video Title: Growing Apart 4: The Di-VORE-ce
Video Duration: 17:26 min
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Growing Apart 4: The Di-VORE-ce is the fourth installment in the gripping shrinking series. In this episode, the protagonist finds themselves shrinking once again after succumbing to their addiction to shrinking pills. Standing at a mere 2 inches tall, they are in awe of their giantess wife in the living room. Teased for their hesitation to ask to be picked up, the giantess wife playfully interacts with their tiny partner, tickling and marveling at their cuteness.

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As the giantess wife decides to tackle some housework, she places the tiny protagonist in her cleavage to ensure their safety. However, she soon opts for balancing them on her shoulder instead. With the tiny partner riding along, the giantess wife mops the floor, heightening the thrill of their precarious situation. Unexpectedly, the wife discovers her missing wedding ring accidentally swept under the sofa, leading to a puzzling revelation.

Returning to the sofa, the giantess wife relaxes and invites their tiny partner to join in reading a book together. Placed securely between the soft, mountainous cushions of her cleavage, the tiny protagonist’s positioning arouses their desires. In a passionate moment, the wife desires to reignite the dwindling physical connection and challenges the partner to use their entire body to pleasure her as she reads. Unfortunately, the size disparity proves insurmountable, leading to frustration and the realization that things may never be the same.

The final straw for the giantess wife unfolds as she decides that disposing of the tiny protagonist is the only solution. However, the fate awaiting the protagonist may extend far beyond a simple divorce. The future remains uncertain and fraught with danger for the shrinking protagonist.