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Model Name: Selena Ryan
Video Title: Does Step-Mommy’s Foot Freak Love Stinky Sweaty Feet? 4K
Video Duration: 16:06 min
File Size: 1.89 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

Does Step-Mommy’s Foot Freak Love Stinky Sweaty Feet? 4K is a taboo foot fetish humiliation video that explores the desires of a foot freak for Step-Mommy’s sweaty and stinky feet. Step-Mommy, portrayed by Selena Ryan, is initially disgusted by the protagonist’s foot fetish but eventually agrees to cater to his desires in exchange for his cum.

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The video opens with Step-Mommy returning from her Zumba class, her feet soaked in sweat. The protagonist, a persistent foot freak, cannot resist staring at her feet and is immediately confronted by Step-Mommy. She reprimands him for being a perverted pest and mocks his foot fetish. However, the protagonist’s impatience and persistence lead Step-Mommy to reluctantly agree to fulfill his desires.

Step-Mommy proceeds to remove her sneakers and allows the protagonist to inhale her foot fragrance while he pleasures himself. She then teases and humiliates him by stuffing her sweat-soaked socks into his mouth, commanding him to suck the sweat out. Throughout the video, Step-Mommy revels in the power she has over the foot freak, showing off her feet from multiple angles and emphasizing their stinky smell.

In the end, Step-Mommy gets what she’s owed – the protagonist’s cum. This 16-minute video showcases the high-quality of Selena Ryan’s custom videos and the intense humiliation and domination experienced by foot fetish lovers. Embark on this sinful and forbidden journey to satisfy your foot fetish cravings with Step-Mommy’s sweaty feet.