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Model Name: Selena Ryan
Video Title: Ruthless CBT Humiliation Therapy For Tiny Dick White Boy 4K
Video Duration: 12:25 min
File Size: 1.45 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

Ruthless CBT Humiliation Therapy For Tiny Dick White Boy 4K is a controversial 12-minute video featuring Counselor Selena Ryan. In this unique and unconventional therapy session, Selena employs a savage approach to small penis humiliation, specifically targeting white boys who need a harsh reminder of their inadequacy. Shot in 4K resolution, the video showcases Selena as a dominant Latina counselor, determined to instill shame and humiliation in her clients.

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The clip begins with Doctor Ryan reviewing the intake paperwork of her client, who has been referred by the women in his life due to his caucasian cock disorder. Rather than helping him work through his feelings of inadequacy, Selena informs him that her unorthodox treatment will further support his shame and make him embrace his humiliation. Resisting is futile as Selena asserts her dominance, climbing on top of him and exposing his pitiful bulge.

In a series of degrading and demeaning actions, Selena uses verbal humiliation, dirty talk, and CBT (cock and ball torture) techniques to belittle her client’s small white boy dick. Referring to it as his ‘little clitty,’ she delights in mocking and repeatedly slapping it around. The humiliation intensifies as Selena pulls his disappointing white boy cock out of his boxers, degrading it further by slapping and flicking it like a little bug.

The climax of the video features Selena milking her client’s tiny dick with her hands, rubbing it like a clit, heightening his feelings of white boy humiliation. This video showcases Selena Ryan’s unique brand of therapy, challenging societal norms of masculinity and delving into the realm of ruthless small penis humiliation. Brace yourself for an intense and explicit experience that is unlike any other therapy session you’ve seen before. This leaked 4K video pushes boundaries and leaves a lasting impression.