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Model Name: Selena Ryan
Video Title: Tiny Trapped In Toxic Gas Fart Jar: Big Ass Giantess 4K
Video Duration: 25:35 min
File Size: 3.01 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

In the 4K video titled ‘Tiny Trapped In Toxic Gas Fart Jar: Big Ass Giantess’, viewers are taken on a wild journey into the realm of a shrinking fetish. The video features Selena Ryan, an incredibly seductive Latina with a big booty and an insatiable love for having her farts worshipped. Selena goes to extreme lengths to ensure her farts are properly adored, even shrinking her partner and trapping them inside a toxic fart jar.

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The 25+ minute clip begins innocently enough, with Selena excitedly opening a package containing ‘Vitamin F’ – flatulence-enhancing gummies. Little does her partner know that these gummies have a side effect of magically shrinking whoever consumes them. As Selena’s farts grow stronger, her partner slowly diminishes in size, ultimately becoming as tiny as an ant, looking up at their towering girlfriend.

Selena takes full advantage of her partner’s shrunken state, holding them up to her asshole and releasing thunderous farts directly onto them. She revels in their adoration of her rancid gas, subjecting them to a barrage of smelly farts while dishing out bratty dirty talk. But Selena’s sadistic side truly shines when she places her shrunken partner inside a glass jar, declaring it as their new permanent home, where they will be forever engulfed in her putrid fart fumes.

The video showcases the intense dynamism between Selena and her partner, capturing moments of vulnerability and dominance. It explores various fetishes, including fart worship, shrinking fetish, and domination. With its 4K resolution and high-quality production, this custom video promises an immersive experience for fans of these unique kinks. But be careful what you wish for, as Selena reveals in the end that her partner’s shrinkage is irreversible, condemning them to a life trapped in her fart jar. Prepare to witness a blend of fetish fulfillment and sadistic pleasure in this unforgettable video.