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Model Name: Sonyavibe
Video Title: 4K Street Fighter – Juri & Chun-Li Used And Fucked Gamer
Video Duration: 27:28 min
File Size: 2.00 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

In this intense cosplay video, the iconic characters Juri Han and Chun-Li from Street Fighter come to life in spectacular fashion. A lightning strike on the PlayStation 5 brings these sexy warriors to the real world, and they waste no time in indulging their desires with the Gamer who has spent countless hours playing with them in the game. With initial confusion quickly turning into excitement, Juri and Chun-Li seductively remove Gamer’s pants and skillfully pleasure him, with Juri craving a satisfying ride on his hard cock.

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Switching up the action, Chun-Li takes her turn to experience the Gamer’s talented touch. After her desires have been satiated, Juri and Chun-Li explore new heights of pleasure by indulging in a wild double anal session, leaving Juri in pure ecstasy. She decides to continue her anal adventure by passionately riding Gamer’s dick until she reaches a mind-blowing anal orgasm.

To conclude their electrifying encounter, Juri and Chun-Li invite Gamer into their world of foot fetish play. Lying on the sofa, these alluring vixens expertly caress their satisfied pussies while skillfully using their feet to pleasure Gamer’s throbbing member. The intense stimulation becomes too much for Gamer, leading him to release his load onto their waiting legs. Juri and Chun-Li revel in the pleasure they’ve shared with Gamer, leaving the viewer wondering if lightning could strike their console next, offering them the same extraordinary experience.

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