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Model Name: Sugary Little
Video Title: Diapered Regression With Daddy
Video Duration: 34:32 min
File Size: 1.96 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

In this 34-minute video, model Sugary Little engages in diapered regression play with her caretaker, Daddy. She is seen playing with her toys and wearing my little pony pull ups when Daddy comes to check on her. She expresses her desire to use the training potty and Daddy obliges, helping her with the process and cleaning up afterwards. However, she experiences an accident while coloring on her play mat, leading to leakage onto her dress.

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Daddy then intervenes, instructing her to switch to her big poofy diapers. He lovingly changes her and applies baby powder, eliciting a tingly sensation. Sugary Little requests her princess wand, and Daddy allows her to use it, resulting in pleasurable moans. She also asks for Daddy to engage in intimate play, and he complies, leading to mutual climax.

Following this, Daddy changes Sugary Little into a cute pink adult diaper, and she playfully crawls around to showcase her childlike demeanor. After changing into a strawberry sailor outfit, she spins around and expresses her affection for Daddy.

This video is presented in 1920×1080 resolution and showcases an exploration of diapered regression dynamics within a caregiver/child relationship. Sugary Little’s portrayal of a playful, diaper-wearing persona contributes to the immersive experience, offering viewers an intimate glimpse into this unique form of adult roleplay.