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Model Name: Summer Fox
Video Title: The Foot Fetish Bet
Video Duration: 15:46 min
File Size: 2.33 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Join Summer Fox on a thrilling first date like no other. As she recounts their shoe shopping adventure, suspicions of a foot fetish begin to arise. She decides to put her theory to the test by teasing him with her new shoes and observing his reaction.

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In a bold move, Summer makes a daring bet with her date. If she can bring him to climax within five minutes through a foot job right in the hotel lobby, her suspicion of his foot fetish will be confirmed. However, if he manages to resist her tantalizing efforts, she promises to spend the night with him.

Undeterred by the challenge, Summer starts by giving him an arousing blowjob, ensuring he’s primed and ready. With her skilled hands and feet, she takes him on a journey of pleasure, delivering a foot job and a shoe job. However, despite her best efforts, her date maintains his composure, lasting the full five minutes.

In the end, Summer graciously concedes her bet, her black stilettos shining with evidence of his self-control. She leaves him with a final promise, inviting him to join her upstairs. Experience the thrill of this unforgettable encounter, filled with anticipation, seduction, and the allure of a foot fetish.