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Model Name: Thetinyfeettreat
Video Title: Dirty Dorothy Does DP
Video Duration: 12:01 min
File Size: 5.00 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

In this captivating video titled ‘Dirty Dorothy Does DP’, viewers are transported into a seductive realm far from the familiarity of Kansas. Our enigmatic star, Dorothy, entices with her ruby red high heels as she embarks on a tantalizing display. With a touch that reveals her already moist desires, she introduces her first toy to satisfy her carnal cravings. With her feet in the air, Dorothy pleasures herself relentlessly until her yearning for more overwhelms her.

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Overwhelmed by her insatiable desire, Dorothy’s ecstasy reaches its peak, resulting in an eruption of passionate release. Her body quivers and trembles as she revels in pleasure, her essence fluidly merging with her surroundings. Aroused to the brink, she graces both toys with her intimate essence, an expression of her pure satisfaction and surrender to euphoria.

Before bidding farewell, Dorothy leaves an everlasting impression, showcasing her creamy, soaking wet pussy and a tantalizing glimpse of her little gape. This captivating experience reveals the hidden depths within Dorothy, leaving viewers astounded by the unexpected allure of this once-innocent character. Enter Dorothy’s world, and venture into the unexplored territories of desire and pleasure.